We don’t have Chabad center.

If you want to buy something kosher please find below the lists of products in the supermarkets.

ARI list

Other Kosher food in Napoli

Supermarket Conad, Sapori e dintorni.
Via Alabardieri 10
Bread under Rabbi control and ashgachà, (Pat Israel).
Mozzarella Santa Lucia (chalav nochrì).
Philadelphia cheese (chalav nochrì).
All cheese which contain “caglio vegetale” or “caglio microbico” are kosher (chalav nochrì) such as Leerdammer.
All cheeses which contain “caglio animale” or just “caglio” are NOT kosher.
Kosher products (with NO “U” or “K” label):
All pasta is Kosher.
All choccolat is Kosher.
All milk is Kosher (chalav nochrì).
Bisquits “Barilla Mulino bianco” are kosher (chalav nochrì).
Be very carefull with “strutto” (= pork fat), can be put everywere including bread,
“Aceto” (= vinagre, not kosher) can be put in mayonese,
“Alchool” (based on grapes, therefore not kosher) can be put in industrial bread.
Kosher products (with “U” or “K” label):
You can find some kosher products (with “U” or “K” label) in supermarket “Carrefour”
Via Lo Monaco.
For more kosher products, resturants, etc, only in Rome (mainly in the Ghetto).
The central Synagogue and the Ghetto with all restaurants, are in:
Lungotevere de’ Cenci, 00186 Roma.

Map from Synagogue to Conad and Carrefour.


For meals during Shabbat  you can also contact the Community jewishnaples@gmail.com

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